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Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that takes full advantage of social networks to reach branding and marketing communication goals. It covers activities that involve social sharing of videos, content and images for the purpose of marketing. It also includes paid social advertising.

  • Visibility – Increase brand visibility and credibility
  • Engage – Develop confidence in your brand or business
  • Growth – Increase conversion rates through interactions

Engage and inspire with our social media solutions

Listen, interact and entertain

With more than two billion users on social media, entrepreneurs consider social media to be the next big thing.

Learning the benefits of social media marketing will help you understand why you should use it to grow your business.


  • Increased Brand Recognition

Businesses today must seize every opportunity to syndicate content and increase visibility. Social media marketing techniques make your business more accessible to new and existing customers.

Frequent users of social media will read about your business when they stumble upon your newsfeed. And customers who are perhaps sceptical about your products and services, will learn more about your company and develop more confidence in your services.

  • More Opportunities to Convert

Each post you share on social media provides an opportunity for conversion of new and interaction with old customers. Positive interactions are bound to increase conversion rates. Remember that every marketing plan is developed with the aim of increasing conversions and sales.

  • Stronger Brand Authority

Responsive social media interactions with customers are viewed positively. And when individuals want to compliment and review your brand they often turn to social media, so you have to be ready to engage.

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There are many benefits of social media marketing. But there are also many pitfalls. Our tips and tricks help you to take full advantage of social media as a powerful marketing tool. And this is why your business needs the services of a professional digital marketing company.

With our help, you can bring your marketing ideas to life.

We will work closely with you to understand your business, products, customers and competitors to be able to present to you the best social media marketing solution.

We will develop and promote social media campaigns on your behalf. We will create campaigns that are fully optimised for social networking sites. We will also handle your business pages across social media sites.

At IKBK we use professional tools and marketing tactics you will not find anywhere else. All at an affordable price.

We also encourage our clients to take advantage of our IKBK Digital Marketing packages. Although each service in our digital marketing offering plays a significant role in bringing your brand or business to market, it’s when they all come together that you will see your business or brand shine online.

With each of our packages, we also include a free Digital Marketing Dashboard. With its simple interface, this dashboard is easy to use, drawing in all of your data from your social media accounts, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters. It also provides a handy website audit to give you total transparency on how your keywords are ranking, what users are looking for and ultimately provides a structure to grow your brand or business.

At IKBK, we’re here to build partnerships for the long term. Contact us today to find out how we can kick some goals together!

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