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We specialise in creating new online stores and bringing existing stores online. Our e-Commerce solutions are affordable, robust and above all profitable.

  • Economical – Your store online at a cost you can afford
  • Powerful – Sell your products easily and securely
  • Convenient – Add, edit or delete products 24/7

e-Commerce solutions built to sell

Great looking stores to attract customers and drive revenues

Have you ever imagined earning money while you’re out having fun with family and friends? Or even while you’re sleeping? Online stores can deliver this and more.

We have over ten years’ experience helping large brands and small businesses build creative, functional and reliable online stores. And it’s with this wealth of knowledge that we’ve learnt every business is unique and has specific needs.

That’s why we offer solutions based on the following platforms.


  • WordPress – The world’s most popular content management system

If you have a current WordPress website, we can quickly add WooCommerce, a free plug-in which adds shopping cart functionality. It’s user-friendly and excellent for businesses that have a small number of products.

Learn more about our WordPress solutions.

  • Shopify – A sound choice for any small business

Shopify is one of the simplest software solutions to use and is known for its performance. It can manage high volumes with its unlimited amount of bandwidth. And it also features a vast number of tools to improve managing your social media presence.

Learn more about our Shopify solutions.

  • Magento – Ideal for medium-large businesses

Magento is very popular with around 200,000 online stores. It’s highly customisable, supports unlimited products and processes thousands of transactions per hour across different sites.

Learn more about our Magento solutions.

  • Custom Solutions – Ground up solutions built to your needs

Our custom solutions are for businesses needing a robust online store such as a custom auction site. Custom solutions can also be built using scaleable platforms such as Joomla! or Drupal.

Learn more about our Custom Solutions.

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At IKBK, we’ll work closely with you to understand your business, products, potential customers and competitors to offer you the best solution. Each online store platform includes a unique set of robust tools, so choosing the right one for you at the beginning is crucial.

We’ll also make sure your store is mobile friendly. In fact, we only offer responsive online stores and test on all platforms and devices including iOS and Android devices. We also meticulously review the code of your online store and make sure it’s search engine friendly.

All of our online stores at IKBK come with a content management system (CMS) allowing you to manage your store yourself by adding or deleting existing content.

Once your store is open for business, we provide continuing advice and guidance to help make your business a success.

Our ongoing services include reliable, locally based website hosting, search engine optimisation strategies and digital marketing packages – all designed to increase your customers and ultimately your revenue.

At IKBK, we’re here to build partnerships for the long term. Contact us today to find out how we can kick some goals together!

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