Project Description

Case Study – Green Business

Next-generation business ethics

Green Business is a Cairns-based sustainability consultancy which is leading the way in business ethics for the future.

The world, and the planet on which we live is a fast changing place. New ideas and technologies are being created every day. With that, our planet is struggling to keep up. Green Business is one of those new businesses born from the idea that both the planet, and it is people, can profit from change.

IKBK was tasked with helping Green Business develop this new and compelling business model. When an idea is brand new and yet to be pioneered by anyone else, it opens up both challenges and opportunities. The challenge is the tricky task of introducing something completely new. The opportunity is being able to work with an open palette and complete design freedom.

Our goal was to present a new concept in a visual language that everyone could understand.

An amazing creative studio from the Gold Coast who understood what was needed to promote my business. Great service with a professional flair, which ensures I will be back for more as the business grows. Thanks for your great work IKBK, I’ll be back soon!

female testimonialJohanna Kloot, Owner, Green Business Consultancy



Landing page

Green Business needed just a simple landing page to kick off their online presence. Featuring their services and contact information, the one-page website delivers an overview of the business’s ethics and principles.

Green Business Case Study


Branding & logo design

The branding around the logo came from the temperature zones of our planet. Each plays a vital part in the whole picture. Green Business wanted to represent this importance as its key visual story point

Green Business Graphic Design

Building for future generations

Further stages are to come involving user content generation. We’re very excited to be a part of something we believe will not only help our generation but future generations as well.

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