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A landing page is a single webpage you arrive at after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action such as a search result or online advertisement. These promotion-specific pages are created for marketing campaigns and to generate leads.

  • Leads – Gain invaluable contact information
  • Conversions – Gain sales through user engagement
  • Relationships – Encourage ongoing engagement

Running a campaign? You need a landing page

Landing pages is designed for one goal only – leads

Your homepage is devised with a more general purpose in mind. It speaks to your overall brand and business values and is typically packed with links and navigation to other areas of your site. It’s designed to encourage exploration.

Think of the links on your homepage as leaks. Each link on your homepage that doesn’t represent your conversion goal is a diversion that will weaken your message and reduce your conversion rate.

Landing pages, on the other hand, is designed and built to be a standalone site with only one link or call to action.

By standalone, we mean that it has no links to your website, like navigation. In principle, it floats alone, only accessible from the link you’re providing in your marketing content (the call to action in an email for example).

Here at IKBK, we offer solutions that will help reach new customers through lead-generating and click-through pages.


  • Capture Data – Generate new leads by gathering contact information

The most valuable piece of information you can get is someone’s email address which then gives you permission to continue talking and marketing to them.

Once you have a lead’s approval, you then try to convert them into a customer by coupling the two most powerful 1-to-1 communication tools a marketer has – email and landing pages.


  • Jump pages – Inform and prepare visitors about a product or service

Click-through pages (sometimes called jump pages) are designed as a conduit between a marketing ad and its final goal. The purpose of a click-through page is to warm-up the visitor to the product or service you are trying to sell.

Commonly used for e-commerce, click-through pages provide enough information to inform the consumer, making them ready to buy, before pushing them further down the funnel – probably to a shopping cart or checkout.


  • Bootstrap – A blank canvas of clean code

Bootstrap allows for 100% creative development freedom. At the same time, it’s straightforward and lite allowing for a great user experience and adding strength to SEO.

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IKBK is an amazing creative studio on the Gold Coast that understands what’s needed to promote my business. The talented team provides great service with a professional flair. I will be back for more as my business grows. Thanks for your awesome work IKBK!

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Landing pages are imperative for any full stack marketing campaign. At IKBK, we take your ideas and goals and build pages to convert leads. Each one is a custom designed web design and branded for each activation.

All of the pages we develop are mobile responsive, so you won’t miss the chance to gain leads on any device.

We take SEO very seriously and begin planning your keyword strategy from the get go.

At the website development stage, we make sure we give your page the best chance to rank high thanks to tidy code. The clean code also provides a better user experience thanks to fast loading pages.

After your page is online and bringing in new leads, we offer ongoing support to help your company grow. Free consultations are only a telephone call or email away.

We also provide a range of ongoing services such as website hosting and packages to grow your business both off and online.

At IKBK, we’re here to create long-term partnerships and to further improve your bottom line together!

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Landing page case study

Green Business is a Cairns based sustainability consultancy which is leading the way of next-generation business ethics. IKBK was brought on board to help build a page to help launch it’s Sustainability app.

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