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At IKBK, each website development project requires the right choice of platform, from the outset. We make sure we deliver a solution that best matches your ambitions for your website and your business.

  • CMS – Choose your content management system
  • Front end – How do you want your user to interact?
  • Back end – How do you want your data handled?

Website development – we give you options

Every business deserves the best website development solution.

Right from the get-go, we evaluate the size and scope of your project, and your future business goals, to determine which website development process and content management system would best suit you.

For our small business website solutions, we offer WordPress. We offer this because it has easy to use admin to allow you to update content yourself.

For our landing page offerings, we built each using bootstrap.

While for our larger custom website solutions, we explore various development options depending on the needs of your end users and volume of unique content.


  • WordPress – The world’s most beloved content management system

WordPress is, by far, the most famous open source CMS. It’s free to use and best suited for simple small to medium sized business websites. For sites with frequently updated news and blogs, this CMS is an excellent choice.

Who uses WordPress?
• Time Magazine, CNN, Mashable, Forbes and SONY – just to name a few.

  • Joomla! – Powerful and robust

Joomla is rated the second most popular CMS in the world and is best suited for larger businesses looking for more robust solutions. Joomla shines at e-commerce and is one of the platforms we offer in our custom e-commerce solutions package.

Who uses Joomla!?
• Harvard University, IKEA and McDonalds – just to name a few.

  • Drupal – Ideal for websites with high demand

Drupal ranks third as the most popular CMS in the world. Drupal is the way to go for any website that has an extremely high amount of traffic and is in demand for complex data. So, like Joomla, it’s the better choice for larger businesses. Our favourite thing about Drupal is speed. It’s a supercharged motor that purrs along the highway with room left over to put the peddle to the metal.

Who uses Drupal?
• The White House, Warner Brothers and NBC – just to name a few.

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Our wealth of experience in website development does not limit us to the platforms above. We are also able to develop your site on Adobe Business Catalyst, Expression Engine and MODx. If you have another platform you’re already fond of; we can meet those needs as well.

We also offer ground up solutions using popular frameworks like Ink, Angular, Node, React, Laravel and Ruby.

Regardless of which platform we choose, all have the same underlying specifics. Clean code and responsiveness. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has strict guidelines for validating code. Why is this important? Because clean code means fast loading sites. Fast loading sites mean better Google rankings. Higher Google rankings mean more traffic and an increase in business for you.

Once your website is launched and bringing in new customers, we offer ongoing assistance to help you and your business grow. Continuing advice is only a phone call or email away.

We also accommodate a variety of ongoing services such as website hosting and packages to grow your business online.

At IKBK, we are here to build long-term partnerships and to reach your ongoing milestones further together!

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