What is Content Marketing and How Does it Work?

Posted in Content Marketing | Posted on: 25th August, 2016

What is content marketing? There are many factors that will be indicative of the success of any business, but one of the most important would most probably be marketing. It will help a company to effectively promote its products and services, nurture relationships, and interact with their customers. It can exist in various forms. In today’s modern time, one of its most popular forms would be in the case of content marketing.

Interested in knowing what is content marketing? Curious about how it works?

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what is content marketing

How Can Content Marketing Help You?

To know what is content marketing is, and to get an understanding on how it works, you first need to know what content marketing is. According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience- with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” From the definition, it is emphasised that the content must be “valuable, relevant, and consistent”, which means that it should make sense. Otherwise, the content will just be a waste of time and effort and will not be able to be instrumental in achieving the objectives.

In a nutshell, to understand what content marketing is, it should be seen as essentially a way of communicating to your target audience in the absence of having to sell. It is a marketing strategy that is non-disruptive. You do not pitch your offerings to the public. Rather, you are informing your buyers. You are providing them with the information that they need to know.

  • How Does It Work

Now that you know what is content marketing, the next thing that you should learn would be how it works. By having an understanding of the latter, you will be knowledgeable on how you can execute a successful content marketing strategy.

The first step in content marketing is to attract. This will include strategies like Search Engine Optimisation, blogging, and paid marketing, among others. The goal here is to draw attention by being able to offer relevant content. It is important to make sure that the content has been carefully curated. As it has been earlier mentioned, it must be valuable. If the customers do not find it relevant, you will not be able to attract their attention.

The second part of the process is to convert. Once you have attracted customers, you should proceed in making sure that they will be converted from prospects to purchasers. Offers, email marketing, and conversion forms will help to accomplish this goal. You should be aggressive enough to pursue the prospects and to make sure that they will be engaged in an action that will be favourable for the business.

Next is closing. This is the part wherein the customers are already decided, and hence, they will already make the purchase. The experience should be as hassle-free as possible so that they won’t change their mind and will continue with the purchase.

The last step is a delight. This means that even after the transaction has been closed, the business must be able to provide superior service. After sales service will do a lot to create a positive impression and spread word of mouth.

  • Succeeding With Content Marketing

Aside from just knowing what content marketing is and how it works, you should also learn how to succeed with it. Among others, one of the most important is to work with professionals. If you own a small business, and you know nothing about content marketing, it would be best to rely on the expertise of the pros. Content strategists can help you achieve your goal. Additionally, it should also be quick and agile, making sure that it will reach the audience at the right time. The content must be created with character and must trigger engagement. If it is boring, it would be nothing but waste. It should also be consistent all throughout the campaign. Differentiation will also help. You should be concerned about creating content that is unique from all others. Lastly, it should be optimised, such as through search engine optimisation or social media promotion of the content.

We hope that this blog gave you an understanding of what is content marketing.

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